Meet the six students who form the second generation of BRASA Fellows



Gabriel is 22 years old and was born in Gravatá, interior of Pernambuco. He came from a family of farmers who did not have the opportunity to study, his father graduated from high school when he was 65 years old. Therefore, education has always been very important for Gabriel.

He studied in public schools and pledged to take advantage of everything the school offered. He did math Olympics, participated in history contests and organized student events. In high school he transferred to a technical school and even with his heavy routine, he idealized several cultural clubs: reading, dance, sports and religion. At the age of 16, thanks to the Win the World Program, designed by the government of Pernambuco, he was selected to do an exchange in Canada.

At 15 he learned English and at 17 he bought an English school to help other young people in his community. He saw that English was a way to help other young people and children in his community to dream bigger and have their future prospects expanded. For 18 months he and his sister worked to offer high quality classes at an affordable price.


He is currently in his second year at Minerva Schools at KGI where he studies Computing and Psychology. He hopes to impact education in Brazil by using technology to leverage developmental psychology.

Meet the six students who form the first generation of BRASA Fellows

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“As a gender equality activist, I dream of the day when women will have the due recognition they deserve after exercising excellent roles in their respective roles. It is necessary to prepare a meritocratic future based on quality education for all without any obstacles arising from gender. "

As a public school student, Marina was able to see up close the failures that surround Brazilian education. With this in mind, and the recurring demand for gender equality, she dreams of making a real change in Brazil.


On the application journey to universities abroad, she encountered many barriers imposed by her socioeconomic context. However, without ever losing focus of studies, Marina created her own candy company, called Delicias da Inna , to finance the high costs of the application process.


Marina went deeper into her banner of struggle related to gender equality and had the opportunity to go as a fellow to the United Nations headquarters in Washington DC, where she was able to talk with American senators at the congress during the Girl Up organization conference, an event sponsored by United Nations Organization. Marina also founded and is a columnist for the blog Diversitas, where she writes about topics related to economics, gender equality, welfare and politics. Today, the blog has a reach in more than 10 countries and has new publications every month. In 2019, she started working at SuperMentor, where she contributes to promote greater accessibility to young people from all over Brazil regarding the application process for American universities.


With acceptance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, in Italy, to study Political Science with a focus on economics, Marina seeks to continue her self-knowledge and train herself to return to Brazil and put her knowledge into practice, always fighting for its causes.

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